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Cornerstone is a chance to meet regular guys, just like you, who will share with you their common experiences, in life and in faith.  It's an opportunity to grow stronger in your faith and your relationships with others - especially your family.  It's a navigation tool to get you to where you should be in life.  It helps remind you what is important in life, and what is not.  Most importantly - you are not alone!  There are men out there who share your struggles.  When you hear their stories, you will find strength, peace, and friendship.


Cornerstone is open to all adult  men. A typical Cornerstone will have men ranging from their 20's into their 80's. Some are active church goers, and some haven't been to Mass in years. No matter where you are in your faith, Cornerstone will have an visible and measurable impact on your life. Some of the men are fathers, some are sons, some are Knights of Columbus, some are involved in the church, some have no involvement in church ministries. All are welcome!


Cornerstone is run by previous attendees of Cornerstone. Regular guys, all of whom once attended their first Cornerstone and were so moved that they became part of the team for the following year's Cornerstone. Of course all of the witness talks and program is supervised by a spiritual director to ensure the precepts of the church are accurately represented. But the event itself is run by guys just like you. Maybe you'll run next year's Cornerstone!


We start with a celebration of food, drink, and strangers; we end with a celebration of food, drink and friends. After we've filled our bellies, we hear a few witness talks where men like you share their stories of how God has worked in their life so that you can see how He is, and can, work in yours. We follow with reconciliation and add some "social" time to get to know your new brothers. We have several activities during the day and end with Mass and celebrate again! You can't begin to imagine the bond that forms in such a short time, and nobody will believe you had so much fun.

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