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"The Eucharist: Become What You Receive"


Why Does God Love Me?

Witness of a person who has discovered God’s love to be unconditional.  Describes learning to love, the obstacles to loving which have to be overcome, and the discovery that God loves us through others.  This witness is able to say, based upon personal experience of God’s love, that God guides and rules all of life, even when things go wrong.

Change.. Conversion.. Renewal

Witness of a person whose heart has been opened to God and whose faith and life are now renewed, either by a sudden conversion or by a deepening of faith.  When one opens one’s heart to God, the possibilities are unlimited.


Personal Relationship

Witness of a person who has found a personal relationship with God who actively searches for us.  This witness describes being invited by God into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as friend as well as savoir.  This talk gives witness to the fact that God enable us through grace to go far beyond our ordinary selves to become our best selves.


The Life of an Apostle

The person who lives the life of grace reaches outward to serve others, even as Jesus did.  This outreach may begin with family and friends, but does not end there. This is the witness of a person who has tried to live apostolically: bringing Jesus’ love into the world in small and large ways, both in church ministry and in acts of service in neighborhood and workplace.



Finding Grace in Ministries

Witness of a person who has grown in grace through community and has participated in building community based upon Christ.  This witness describes the steps gone through to grow beyond self-centeredness into ever wider circles of community, beginning with the primary relationship of family and friends, and extending outward into parish, civic community and Church.

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Long And Winding Road

A witness to a growing and changing relationship with God in Jesus Christ.  Includes a witness to the role of community prayer (sacraments) and individual prayer in one’s life, and also to the changes in the relationship with God occasioned by life’s ups and downs.  A witness of a person struggling to know and love God better, and excited by the possibilities.


The Healing Power of Confession

What is this sacrament? How does it work? What can we get from it? All attendees at the Men's Cornerstone retreat will have an opportunity to receive this sacrament.


The Cornerstone Life

Given by one of the Co-Directors, this witness describes a life that is trying to integrate the elements previously described.  By describing how one particular Christian life is lived, this witness demonstrates that the kind of life envisioned by Cornerstone can indeed be lived by ordinary people.


Source and Summit

The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian Life. It is an action taken but the entire community to strengthen our bonds to the Body of Christ through communion.

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